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We at NARUMIDO make handmade, originally designed clay-flowers for bead making kits.
Our product is one of a kind and come in assortedand signature colors.
These clay-flowers are made through a specially-developed technique to achieve the most
vivid colors and distinct shapes for each handcrafted pieces.

We are proud to say that its colors stand out from other bead making products out in the market.
Our clay-flowers come in intermediate colors rare in stores.
They are slightly opaque but naturally glossy.
Because the clay-flowers are hand-made, every single flower may differ in size and color, and none is identical.
For daily use, we apply water-proof coating to prevent fast wear and tear by water. Rest assured that we are continuously improving the quality of our products to cater to the needs of customers.

Production Process of Clay-Flowers:
These flowers are made of the finest Japanese resin Clay.
Combined with several types of materials, our product is created with well-balanced gloss, texture and color that the perfectly match the flower features.
Coloring is done by the shop owner, Narumi, by carefully pugging the clay with oil paints.
Unlike other products, we don’t use pre-made cutters (similar to cookie cutters) for the flowers.
Every single petal is made and connected by hand to make the flowers.
Our dedicated Japanese staff do the finishing (hole-punching, water-proof coating application etc.) are done by hand. But most of the processes I, Narumi, single-handedly take care of. Because of time constraints, production is limited to around a hundred per day.

This product contains small parts. Choking hazard.
Keep them out of reach of small children.

For intended usage only.
May break with strong force or under high pressure and temperature.

Do not soak in water. Soaking may cause the product discoloration and deformity.

This product is waterproof yet washing them with laundry detergent and bath soap is not recommended.

Hand washing or similar actions should not affect the product.

Gently wipe the product with dry towel after getting wet.

Air drying is most recommended when it soak in water.

Do not leave the product in extremely high temperature and humidity. Molds may develop

under high moisture level.Avoid direct sunlight. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

When storing in enclosed containers (jewelry boxes, Ziplocs ® etc) for long periods of time,

occasional exposure to air will ensure the quality of the product.

When dirty, wipe it with a slightly moist, soft cloth that has been wrung, or cotton swabs.

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